Classic Portrait David Burney

Well, hello there…

Hello, I’m David. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a passionate visual communicator on the lookout for new adventures. With over 20 years of experience, I’ve encountered and accomplished a diverse range of tasks within the realms of design, branding, advertising, and communications. From logos and brand development to packaging, website design, and various print and digital projects, I’ve navigated the creative landscape with proficiency.

My skill set extends beyond design; I manage creatives and the creative process, handle client relationships, fonts, user journey mapping, copy editing, product photo retouching, gif animations, brand name brainstorming, art direction for photo shoots, press checks, and much more!

I’m in search of an exciting creative culture that can leverage my experience and talents to craft impactful visual stories for brands or clients. Along the way, I aim to further enhance my creative abilities, delve into motion work, refine my social media skills, mentor junior creatives, and perhaps finally put all of these fonts to good use.

Feel free to use the form below to say “hello”! You’ll also find links to an expanded portfolio and my resume. Thanks for stopping by!

The Re​sumé

If you like what you see above, you may be interested in downloading my resumé for all the pertinent experience details. I could list them all here, but I’ve been around a long time and bandwidth isn’t cheap. So click below to get the latest and greatest curricula vitae for yours truly.

The Portfolio

This is the extended portfolio highlighting projects in a wide variety of categories. From brand development to social media ad campaigns. Plus plenty of logos and print collateral. A fairly concise summation of the breadth of work I have contributed to.

The Form

If you’re interested in taking this relationship to the next level, this is a good place to start! Just let me know who you are, how I can help, and why you would be so awesome to work with.