Donkey Kick and Rooster Booster

These are some Wenzel Creative + Strategy era re-design concepts for the QuikTrip Energy Drink lines Donkey Kick and Rooster Booster. The brief called for moving the iconic caricature-based packaging to something more visually striking and colorful. Since the original packaging was introduced the energy drink segment has exploded. The well known QT brands were only really competing on the strength of their existing brand capital. And competition was really start to heat up.

These two directions were primarily an execution to get as far from the original packaging as possible while still maintaining a level of fun. Increased use of color helps achieve this along with a more relevant “icon” execution of the trademark characters.

While these particular concepts never moved past the initial presentation, the research and overall creative exercises helped the client explore a wide variety of new directions and ideas.

Now, lets get back to work…