Ignite Yearbook University Branding

Ignite Yearbook University takes place every year on the Pepperdine University campus in Malibu, CA. It brings together the best and brightest High School yearbook programs with the industries best talent for an intense learning experience… oh and the beach!

For the refresh, Ignite wanted a mark that combined academics and sunshine. The location is a prime differentiator for the workshop. At the same time, a solid, professional look is a must for the brand.

The final version is a slightly more modern take on a traditionally corporate logo treatment. But with a retro vibe provided by the design of the sun element. This creates a decidedly “California” feel through type, color and balance of shapes. Even influenced by older California license plate designs.

A sun mark accompanying a slightly condensed typeface creates a snug and versatile unit. This option works well with secondary and alternate elements as necessary creating a master brand element that will accommodate the growth of the program. A primary requisite that was determined during our research and review phases.

The cornerstone project was the registration website. The previous site design was only a few years old and a major upgrade from the previous static site. The new logo and branding colors were used to give the existing design a facelift to match the new design direction. In addition to the site update, a variety of collateral materials were developed as well, including pop-up banners, flyers and swag.

Previous years’ success has inspired additional retreats. A series of logos were presented to compliment the Ignite brand for new Yearbook Events and Yearbook Retreats. Each concept moved a little further away from the original Ignite mark, but kept the photography and color scheme to tie back to the Ignite brand.

The Presentation

Looking for some more insight into how the logo development process works? Download the actual logo presentation created for this project. It outlines various creative solutions and the rationale behind each one. It’s a great way to peak behind the curtain or preview what it’s like to work on a logo project with yours truly.

Now, lets get back to work…