IonFab Brand Identity

This is a small brand identity for a local welding/fabrication shop. The stable, sturdy feel is standard fare for the fabrication arena, but the color palette is where we were able to create the most impact. The blue breaks from industry tradition while also representing stability and the yellow provides the energy and literal spark that gives the logo its vibrant essence.

IonFab Logo

Creating an identity for a small company that gives them a national, or even international vibe, provides an immediate level of professionalism and authority. Even if they’re only competing at a local or regional level, the goal is to provide them with the visual tools that take them to the next level.

Working through the identity materials created opportunities to further disrupt the status quo of the traditional welding shop. The generous use of the blue with the large cropped motif of the logo mark for the vehicle graphics doesn’t feel like a two-person welding operation. Likewise, the flood of yellow for the hood creates a striking visual on the shop floor.

IonFab Logo Bevel

Now, lets get back to work…