M-D TitanSeal Weatherstrip

These concepts were part of a Wenzel Creative project for M-D Building Products. For this premium product, M-D wanted to explore alternative solutions to the traditional method of packaging weatherstripping – typically poly-bagged with screen printed graphics. One of our core requirements was providing consumers with a physical touch point so they could feel the quality of the product themselves.

One of the initial concepts used a recycled paper pulp tray formed to act as a spool for the product. The tray inserted into the printed paperboard sleeve which left room for the product to be viewed and touched. Of course this option definitely made the premium product carry a premium production cost. At this stage we were prototyping design options for the primary function of consumer access. While it was a striking visual there were other factors to consider, including securing the product in the sleeve to prevent theft without requiring excessive hands-on production.

The final form presented itself in a light-weight paperboard package with a die-cut to achieve a similar, though scaled-back version of the consumers’ ability to touch and examine the product itself. Several design directions were presented ranging from an upscale, on-brand theme with more polish to an environmental theme focusing on the non-toxic, recyclable material the weatherstrip product was made from.

Now, lets get back to work…