Miracle on Mars Book Cover

The author of this book had an existing cover that needed a more professional touch. For the push to resurrect sales and increase interest from both the author’s website and Amazon, a refresh was necessary for the cover to convey the authors concept. Working from the existing files that the author provided I re-composited the image and added additional details to the composite. Focusing on creating an effect of the clouds rolling in from the distance while maintaining that the landscape was clearly martian. Adding extra detail like the clouds in the sky in the background helps add to the peculiarity of the cover. Finally, the typography was totally re-worked for a more professional look that falls more in line with the feel of the cover and the sci-fi influenced content.

Here are a couple of examples of the updates made on the original design. The improvements go beyond visual quality as the theme and tone are also more evident as a result.


Original background image.

There Can Be Only One

Several options were explored with the typography. Here are a few of the alternates that were presented. Each version has a distinct effect on the overall feel of the cover. We ultimately went with the direction the author felt best fit his intentions.

Now, lets get back to work…