Mother Road Motorsports Logo & Website

Mother Road Motorsports commissioned Burney Design Co. to develop a logo and website that was appropriate for a mid-to-upscale target audience. Not everyone is into Italian moto. It attracts a particular demographic. We strived for an approachable identity that was appropriate for both newcomers and seasoned riders alike. Grabbing a few folks tripping along Route 66 doesn’t hurt either.

This particular identity presented the challenge of melding the historic Mother Road (Route 66) with all of its retro-infused, pop culture quirkiness with the suave sophistication of the Piaggio line of brands carried by Mother Road Motorsports – including Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi.

Ultimately, the mark incorporates a variety of design influences, despite its simplicity. From the gas stations of the 50’s and 60’s to Art Deco – a Tulsa mainstay, these influences help establish a brand voice that speaks to the demographic with a tone of sophistication while staying true to the Mother Road.

An early exploration of the logo inspired by old gas station maps and motor oil cans.

One of the earliest drafts of the creative direction treated the highway sign as a central theme.

Now, lets get back to work…