Red Oak Landscaping Logo

These logo concepts were created for Sensus Marketing and their client Red Oak Landscaping. The leaf was a requested design element. The red color helps to differentiate Red Oak from the countless other local landscape companies whose primary trade dress uses some form of green. There were a wide variety of options presented but the thick, sturdy typography was shared direction in all concepts based on feedback and creative direction.

Adding the deep yellow to the palette created a strikingly different color combination for a landscape company. The contrast of the read on the yellow provided for some bold contrast in the collateral and support materials mockups.

Other logo explorations presented. Slight variations of use for the leaf element along with alternatives for typography and lock up were shown. Landscaping was intentionally played down to allow for the “Red Oak” name and mark to be prevalent in all options. We strongly felt that this would help establish the brand look along with the non-traditional colors used. Creating an arena for Red Oak to own their own branding space against their competition.

Now, lets get back to work…