Riverside Theater Logo Concepts

This logo concept for a multi-use theater was developed for Wenzel Creative and presented for the Riverside Theater project for Riverspirit Casino. I was influenced by traditional Native American symbols for water/river. The marks not only represent the water, but in some cases helps to define an auditorium, a row of seats or a stage. The black and white versions were reviewed internally before the final selections were made for our presentation.

The final option presented captures a casual sophistication. The organic waves that represent the audience seating help provide this balance as a counter to the more sophisticated sophisticated typography. Several collateral pieces were designed to demonstrate brand continuity across a variety of consumer touch points.

These were additional concepts reviewed early in the design process. We decided they were a little to corporate. The combination of the serif typography with the rigidness of the rectangle were the deciding factors in option 1 on the left. Option 2 on the right lacks the inviting casualness of our chosen option primarily due to the sharp edges in the water reflection element.

Now, lets get back to work…